Study Time & Practice Time

In the Fona School curriculum, we make study time and practice time very clear. Whenever you learn something new, you need to practice it right away to make it your own. For that purpose, we always follow study lessons with practice lessons. Study lessons are focused on teaching things that you didn't previously know. Practice lessons are focused on conversation, games, and so on. These practice lessons are critical for you to gain a real-life feel for what you have learned. The balance between study and practice lessons is of course critical, and the teacher therefore constantly watches the students' progress and understanding to ensure always the perfect balance between these lesson types.

Clear Explanations

At Fona, you will be able at last to understand how the English language really works, the real meanings of words, and how to use the various words and phrases. That is thanks to our clear and accurate explanations. The exclusive Fona School materials are designed and produced based on personal experiences of language study, as well as long years of experience teaching Japanese people. These comprehensive materials explain clearly the details that are most difficult for Japanese people to understand, and the things that are confusing due to Japanese-English. Indeed, these incredible materials will teach you everything about the English language.

Whether talking about English or any other subject, if the listener is unable to understand an explanation, that is not the fault of the listener. The speaker is at fault for not explaining the content in a way that the listener can understand. At Fona School, we take the responsibility of explaining things seriously. We continue to seek new and better ways to explain everything until every last individual student has been able to understand. For that reason, even though the teachers are foreign, we provide clear Japanese explanations as needed.

Not all teachers can speak Japanese to explain the details when necessary. In cases where we determine that the Japanese explanation skill is also necessary, we provide an assistant teacher at no additional cost to you, the client. You may wonder why we think it's so important to be able to explain the details in Japanese.

In lessons based on the Fona School program and curriculum, understanding every detail of every explanation is very important. For that reason, you need to stop the lesson flow immediately whenever you don't understand anything.

Fona School teachers are imparting incredibly valuable, even precious gems of truth about the English language, and comparisons with the Japanese language, and other details that are crucial to your progress and understanding.

For that reason, you should never be satisfied with maybe understanding the gist of what the teacher said. You should ask every single detail when the teacher (or teacher team) is explaining any details about the language.

If the teacher is just talking about a movie they saw recently, or something like that, then just following the gist is okay, of course. When the teacher is actually in teaching mode, you need to ask everything until you are able to understand it completely.

Learn about Other Cultures

Learning about other cultures opens your mind to new possibilities, and helps you understand that there are more possibilities to any given situation than you had thought. As you go through life, you will experience running into walls in various endeavors. Developing the strength to face and overcome those situations is an important part of making progress. The important thing is not teaching solutions, but teaching how to find solutions.

Learning about other cultures broadens your thinking, and helps you find more possible solutions to various situations. Look at things from all angles to see all the perspectives.

Beyond Language

Even with all of the details described above, there will be no point to your English skills if you try to use English to express Japanese thinking. You also need to learn the thinking and other abilities behind the English language. To communicate with people not only in Japan, but all over the world, you need to think logically, express your own thoughts, and be able to discuss things with others to make mutual decisions. These are all important aspects of communicating in a global setting, and you will develop them all as a natural result of the Fona School program.

Put all of this together and you will have great fun at every lesson. In fact, many people tell us that lesson day is their favorite day of the week.

True Learning

With the Fona School total program, even a beginner can achieve fluency in 3 years. In the Fona School program, we do not take a lecture approach to lessons. Our program is designed to ensure that each individual student understands and takes possession of every detail we teach. The first step of that is Taking Lessons. Taking Lessons is one of the first materials we teach. It explains how to get the most benefit from lessons, by actively participating and speaking out, not simply attending passively. Come to Fona School, and take full advantage of your opportunities here.

In addition to learning how English really works, you will have abundant opportunities to use what you have learned. The Fona School curriculum is designed with a good balance of study lessons and practice lessons to ensure that you truly understand everything you learn, and that you take possession of it. In the end, English will no longer be a foreign language; it will be your language.