These materials are not provided in the form of a conventional book. They become books in time, but you will only receive a few pages at once, at any given time. Each set of materials will include an Overview, Exercises and Applications.

When you first experience the Fona lessons, you may be surprised and you may even become frustrated at not having a complete book right away. However, you will quickly get used to this approach, and you will soon learn that there is a reason for the difference. You may even discover the secret benefits of our approach.

One of the reasons for doing it this way is that we can customize the program you follow for your greatest benefit. In other words, every class gets a custom curriculum, designed just for them.

Upon entrance to Fona School, you will receive our entrance packet materials. Those materials include details about the attitude and approach that will ensure the greatest possible benefit from the lessons.

All the Fona materials you receive will be of inestimable value. They are abundant with hidden secrets and treasures of information that you cannot possibly imagine. They will answer all of your long-standing questions about English, accurately, and understandably.

A common mistake that is made in the study of languages is to sit down with a textbook, and attempt to learn the language by simply going through the textbook from beginning to end. This provides a false sense of security and success, but most likely will not provide anything real.

One of the reasons that happens is because you received a full textbook at the beginning. In that moment, your thinking, your goal and your objective naturally changed to getting through the book. However, your real goal and objective should be to understand, utilize, and take possession of what you learn. Receiving only a few pages of materials at one time prevents you from losing sight of that real and meaningful goal and objective.

That is a very simple and profound difference.