Sentence blocks are a fun and epoch-making approach to language study.

Fona School teaches English in a way that is completely different from anything you have ever learned in any other school. We teach English based on sentence blocks, which is exactly the real structure of the English language. Sentence blocks are the [who], [what], [where], [when], [why], [how] information blocks contained in any sentence. By splitting sentences into those blocks of information, we have literally reorganized traditional grammar into something that actually makes sense and is easy to understand. Studying English by the Fona School method will enable you actually to learn English, to read and write English, to hear and understand English, and to speak English.

With the sentence blocks, we have completely restructured the grammar of the English language. With this new structure, English actually makes sense. Trying to understand English from the perspective of the grammar currently taught in schools is merely an exercise in futility. If you genuinely want to understand English, and to speak the way a native speaker does, then learning the sentence blocks is the only solution for you. It will take time to get used to thinking in blocks, but the effort you make to use the blocks will reward you far greater than the same effort made toward any other approach.

The one point of caution would be to avoid the trap of thinking that it's too simple and you already understand it. Set aside everything you've ever heard or learned before and take your time to read and understand these materials.

Why Sentence Blocks?

Native English speakers think and speak in blocks of information, such as "who?", "did what?", "when?", "where?", "how?", and so on. Those information blocks are what we call sentence blocks. People communicate by lining up those sentence blocks. The sentence block approach to learning any language is truly the most natural approach. However, with regard to English, it is even more beneficial. Sentence blocks make the most sense for learning English for the following reasons.